We’re making a difference and improving your bottom line in the process.

Shift Energy Group “Shift” is a Canadian leader in turn-key clean technology solutions. Our focus is on the streamline delivery of LED lighting retrofits, Solar PV installations and EV charging solutions for the Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Residential markets. Since our inception, we have helped Businesses and Communities save over $5,000,000 in operating costs.

led lighting retrofit
LED Lighting Upgrades

A comprehensive strategy for assessing, designing and delivering lighting upgrades.


solar energy
Solar PV Installations

Integrate the future of electricity generation into your energy plans.


Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions

Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions installed at your commercial or residential property.


Our Turn-key Process

We make it easier than ever to conserve electricity and champion clean-tech solutions.

  • Assess
  • Design
  • Supply
  • Install
  • Commission

We start with a complimentary assessment that presents the available opportunity and details any available financial incentives. If you like what you see we’ll provide you with a detailed proposal that includes project design, product procurement, installation and commissioning. Our three service offerings are provided individually but could be combined to create near zero consumption sites.

financing graph

Project Financing

Shift Energy Group offers clients the ability to finance projects with no out-of-pocket expense. Often the revenues generated from our projects far exceeds the monthly cost, resulting in an instant cash-flow.

Our Results

Over the past few years we’ve added significant value to Organizations across British Columbia. Here are some project statistics we’re really proud of:

  • $5,000,000 +

    Operating Costs Saved

  • $1,000,000 +

    Financial Incentives Secured

  • 3 Years

    Average Simple Payback

Meet the Founder

I’m a Real Estate and Finance Professional with a passion for entrepreneurship. I enjoy watching our clients spend dramatically less on electricity, while earning a high return on investment, and providing more comfortable, safe and productive physical environments. I love creating value through conservation and renewal.

Colyn Strong


Portrait of Colyn Strong

Company History

  • 2010

    Company Established

    Shift was founded by Colyn to expedite the design, implementation and commissioning of energy saving projects conceptualized in the many energy audits he witnessed being contracted. To this day Shift acts as a Prime Consultant for a select number of Public Sector clients in the delivery of their annual energy conservation programs.

  • 2014

    Turn-Key LED Retrofits Introduced

    After experiencing exponential growth in the consulting project management market Colyn took aim at retrofitting old inefficient lighting. The goal was to create a streamline delivery model for building owners and managers to commit to LED lighting upgrades. In the 3 years that followed Shift grew revenues a further 700%.

  • 2017

    Turn-Key Solar PV & EV Charging Stations Introduced

    The success of our turn-key LED retrofit solutions have spoken for themselves. In addition to continuing to improve the world of lighting it’s time we look to the future. We believe the future lies in solar energy and electric vehicles. This year we’re excited to launch ourselves into these markets using the same turn-key delivery model that brought us to where we are today.

Interested in contributing to a more sustainable future?

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