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    Enhanced site security and visibility

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    Eliminate maintenance costs

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    Simple payback of 1.7 years

A while back we were approached by a client looking to save on their electricity bills. Upon further review and discussion, we learnt exterior lighting didn’t provide the output to meet their security needs. So, we set out to kill two birds with one stone as they say it. With LEDs we have the ability to cut consumption in half and still provide substantially more illumination. With directional LEDs we can use various optics to design the output directly where it is required. As seen in the before and after photos below it is quite amazing what can be achieved using 50% less electricity. The first photo illustrates going from two 70W metal halide fixtures to two 40W LEDs. The lower photo shows a 100W halogen flood replaced with a 40W LED fixture.

As part of the project the interior pots lights were retrofitted with BR LEDs which provided a savings of over 85%. Given their long run hours Monday through Friday this also meant a significant maintenance savings as the new LEDs were rated last 20 times longer than their halogen predecessors.

Our turn-key offering made it extremely easy for the client to save on their electricity costs and improve site safety and security.