LED Lighting Upgrade - Leslie Forest Products, Delta, BC, Canada

Key Project Statistics

  • Operational savings: over $17,000 per year
  • Simple payback: 2.7 years
  • Internal rate of return (IRR): 26%
  • 10-year ROI: 131%
  • BC Hydro incentive secured: $25,041
  • Significantly improved lighting
  • Eliminated maintenance costs going forward
  • Enhanced Safety

Project Details

Leslie Forest Products is a prominent wood product manufacturer located in Delta, British Columbia. This client has a large warehouse where wood manufacturing and grading takes place. The warehouse was previously being lit with dated lighting technologies that were consuming a significant amount of energy, resulting in high BC Hydro energy bills. Additionally, there were numerous inefficient and insufficient flood lights attached to the exterior of the warehouse that were providing light for people and equipment to navigate the pathways in the evening. Shift energy group was tasked with designing an LED lighting solution that would save Leslie Forest Products on their Hydro bills and provide greatly improved light levels. In addition, Leslie Forest products would benefit from improved safety conditions and be maintenance free for the next decade.

We were able to provided an LED lighting solution for Leslie Forest Products that solved all of these issues, significantly enhancing light levels, saving dramatically on energy consumption and eliminating maintenance costs going forward. This was accomplished by strategically redesigning the lighting system to maximize illumination and upgrading the existing dated metal halide and fluorescent fixtures to new, top of the line, high output LED alternatives. Shift retrofitted all interior high bay lighting and exterior wall packs and flood lights with powerful and extremely energy efficient LEDs. We were able to maximize energy savings by utilizing intelligent lighting fixtures. When natural ambient lighting in the warehouse was sufficient, our new LED light fixtures would automatically dim or even shut off completely. As soon as ambient lighting decreased, the LEDs would kick right back on. This strategy further augmented the energy savings.

The warehouse's previous main interior light source was 400-watt metal halide fixtures that had no dimming capabilities. We were able to retrofit those fixtures to 197-watt LED alternatives that have smart dim abilties - resulting in nearly a ~60% decrease in energy consumption. The exterior lighting were also retrofitted from 400 and 1000-watt fixtures to 90-watt  and 444-watt LED alternatives.

Working with Shift Energy Group in the switch to LED lighting at our lumber mill was a great experience . They managed the entire project from start to finish including each detail. Moreover, the final product is an exceptional improvement and makes a major difference in the quality of light, the cost of our lighting bill and the overall efficiency of the lighting. We would definitely work with Shift again on any future projects. - Maya M., Operations, Leslie Forest Products

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