LED Lighting Upgrade - 49th Parallel Grocery, Cedar, BC, Canada

Key Project Statistics

  • Operational savings: over $20,000 per year
  • Simple payback: 2.4 years
  • Internal rate of return (IRR): 29%
  • 10-year ROI: 145%
  • BC Hydro incentive secured: $26,244
  • Significantly improved lighting
  • Eliminated maintenance costs going forward
  • Complete redesign of lighting layout

Project Details

49th Parallel Grocery is a niche grocery chain on Vancouver Island with locations in Duncan, Chemainus, Ladysmith and Cedar. The primary pain point for this client was the need for a lighting system that would not only be brighter, providing a better customer experience, but also be more efficient, saving on their high monthly hydro bills.

Shift Energy Group provided a lighting solution for the Cedar location that solved both of these issues, significantly enhancing light levels and saving dramatically on energy consumption. This was accomplished by strategically redesigning the lighting system to maximize illumination and upgrading the existing dated metal halide, fluorescent and high pressure sodium fixtures to new, top of the line, high output LED alternatives. Shift retrofitted all perimeter cove lighting, cooler strip lighting, interior high-bays and exterior wall packs with powerful and extremely energy efficient LEDs. 

The store's previous main interior light source was 400-watt metal halide fixtures that we were able to retrofit to 43-watt LED troffers and 80-watt LED linears - resulting in nearly a 90% decrease in energy consumption. The exterior wall pack and parking lot lighting were also retrofitted from 250 and 150-watt fixtures to 70-watt LED alternatives.

Shift Energy Group designed and completed a comprehensive lighting upgrade for the interior and exterior of our Cedar store in 2016. We were very pleased with Colyn and his team’s work throughout the project. They were very thorough and responsive to our needs. Colyn also assisted us with our BC Hydro rebate application. We have also seen hydro cost savings just as we had hoped. Thank you Shift! - Peter R., President, 49th Parallel Grocery

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