LED Lighting Upgrade - Slegg Building Materials, Victoria, BC, Canada

Key Project Statistics

  • Operational savings: over $24,000 per year
  • Simple payback: 3.2 years
  • Internal rate of return (IRR): 22%
  • 10-year ROI: 100%
  • BC Hydro incentive secured: $43,220
  • Significantly improved lighting
  • Eliminated maintenance costs going forward
  • Enhanced Safety

Project Details

Slegg Building Materials is Vancouver Island’s most complete building supply company with 12 locations across the Island. Slegg commissioned Shift Energy Group to complete an LED Lighting Upgrade at the Sooke Road location in Victoria, BC. This LED lighting upgrade project had two main objectives – to save money on operational costs and to improve lighting to meet occupational health and safety standards. The exterior lighting did not meet illumination level requirements recommended for a safe work environment. The exterior truck and forklift pathways were in need of increased light levels. Additionally, the main interior high-bay lighting for the retail area was dated and costly to maintain and operate. Shift Energy Group was able to solve both of these issues by strategically designing new LED lighting systems for the interior retail area and the exterior of the main building and two outbuildings.

Shift was able to reduce the total number of fixtures needed while improving the light output and saving significantly on energy consumption and maintenance costs going forward. The previous main retail area lighting was 400-watt metal halide fixtures that were replaced with 163-watt LED alternatives with a 20-year approximate lifespan. The exterior lighting was a mix of dated 150-watt to 250-watt high pressure sodium and metal halide fixtures. Shift was able to replace 97 inefficient and insufficient fixtures with 47 highly efficient, long lasting LED fixtures – resulting in large savings in energy consumption, improved safety and elimination of maintenance costs.

As a part of the turn-key led lighting upgrade process, Shift Energy Group was able to secure a BC Hydro incentive of over $40,000 on behalf of Slegg – making this project a “no-brainer” investment that will have a lasting positive impact on the client’s safety, bottom line and the environment for years to come.

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