LED Lighting Upgrade - Bings Creek Recycle Centre, Duncan, BC, Canada

Key Project Statistics

  • Operational savings: over $17,000 per year
  • Simple payback: 4.0 years
  • Internal rate of return (IRR): 23%
  • 10-year ROI: 175%
  • Light levels more than doubled
  • Smart timer integration augmenting savings
  • Strategic design to eliminate light spillage

Project Details

Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD) operates a popular recycle center that was previously outfitted with dated, inefficient lighting technologies that did not provide sufficient lighting. Shift Energy Group (Shift) was contracted by CVRD to assess the savings opportunity, design a new high efficiency LED lighting system and delver the lighting upgrade that would not only save on monthly energy bills, but also eliminate maintenance costs and improve light output in key areas. Shift’s “turn key” approach to lighting upgrades made it easy for CVRD to achieve these goals.

Budget was an important factor in this project. Shift was unbiasedly able to identify the best product for the application taking into consideration product cost, efficiency and warranty. The existing 400-watt and 150-watt fixtures were replaced with highly efficiency, long lasting 150-watt and 50-watt LED alternatives - reducing lighting consumption by as much as 65%. Shift strategically designed the new lighting layout to maximize efficiency and eliminate light spillage. Timers were also integrated into the system to further augment energy savings. The result was a savings of over $17,000 per year in operating costs, improved light levels and another small step to a sustainable future.

In addition to the 5-year product warranties, Shift warrantied labor on this project for 5 years – ensuring a worry free, turn key project.

Interested in an LED Lighting Upgrade?

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