10.44kW Steep Steel Roof Mounted Solar Panel System Installed in Victoria, BC, Canada

Key Project Statistics

  • Energy Offset: Coming Soon.
  • Number of Panels: 36
  • Size: 10.6kW
  • Annual Production: 10,542kWh kWh

Project Details

Our client recently built their dream home and had always wanted to incorporate renewable energy into their daily life. Their goal was to effectively reduce the footprint of their Victoria home, without compromising the visual appeal of the home. Our team designed her solar system using the sleek, high efficiency, black on black solar panels displayed in the photo to your left. We also used black clamps to secure the panels against the solar racking system, following the desired low-profile look. The placement of the solar collectors allows for maximum daily solar exposure throughout the year. Our installation crew safely carried out the installation on this steep, slippery metal roof with great attention to detail and no roof penetrations!

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