Why LEDs?

LED lighting has made dramatic advancements in the past few years. Costs have been driven down while efficiency and performance has increased significantly. This means lighting upgrades are now one of the best investments your business can make. Where else can you achieve a consistent ROI of over 150%?

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    High Rate of Return

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    Enhance Lighting

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    Reduce Maintenance Costs

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    Reduce Carbon Footprint

On average our LED retrofit projects have achieved a simple payback period of 36 months. In addition to a great return on capital, our clients have experienced enhanced light levels, improved safety, and a virtual elimination of associated maintenance costs.

Our retail clients have reported increased sales revenues, our Industrial clients have lauded the instant on function, while our Institutional clients strive to promote their environmental stewardship.

Our Approach

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50-80% Less

Our strength is understanding desired outcomes and providing solutions that maximize value. For this reason, we’ve chosen to remain unbiased to the manufacturers and products we’re supplying. We believe each project is unique and benefits from an unbiased set of eyes not looking to exceed their monthly sales targets. This approach allows us to select a mix of products that creates the highest return and greatest visual satisfaction.

Our Turn-key Process

Want an easy way to complete projects? Shift will perform all tasks from conception to completion; including the initial assessment, detailed design, material procurement, installation, and commissioning. This structure allows us to maintain ownership of the success of your project throughout its lifecycle.

  • Assess

    • Analyze Savings Opportunity
    • Determine Cost
    • Estimate Incentive
    • Create Business Case
  • Design

    • Select Material
    • Secure Incentive
    • Confirm Payback
    • Propose Project
  • Deliver

    • Plan and Schedule
    • Finance (optional)
    • Complete Installation
    • Commission and Close
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Project Financing

Finance your project with no money down using the electricity savings you’re generating. We’ll structure the contract as an operation lease for a term longer than your projects payback, creating instant cash-flow.

Past Results

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Approach Near-Zero Energy Consumption

Pair an LED upgrade with a solar system and your building can be fast approaching near zero electricity consumption. Our LED solutions will dramatically lower your electricity consumption while a net metered solar system can produce enough power annually to nearly eliminate your electricity bill.


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